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WILDS of Manitoba



2014 December 09




Stained Glass Window Image




WILDS Of Manitoba


WILDS of Manitoba (WILDS) creates and manages low cost, fast internet home pages for organizations related to wilderness in Manitoba and Canada. WILDS also maintains web sites for other organizations or businesses. WILDS of Manitoba is a solely-owned, non-profit organization.

WILDS of Manitoba created and hosted, for many years since inauguration of the WWW, the original official websites for: Bill, Becky and Paul Mason; Nature Manitoba; Red River Canoe and Paddle; Wave Track Canoes (now Wilderness Supply Company); and Friends of Mantario Trail.

WILDS of Manitoba created and continues to host and maintain, since inauguration of the WWW, the original and official memorial websites for Tillenius (in memory of Clarence Tillenius); Taiga Biological Station (in memory of William C. Pruitt); and The Urban Naturalist (in memory of Morris Sorenson).

WILDS of Manitoba created, hosts and maintains the official website for Main Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic.

The name "WILDS of Manitoba" was chosen as an all encompassing name for this website's diverse wilderness information. This is not a "wild" website and contains no illicit information or foul language.

WILDS minimizes use of JAVA, frames and cookies. Simple html coding makes the information available to many web trippers who do not have access to high-speed data links, fast computers or the latest web browsers or mobile devices.

Those who have access to the latest technologies will find pages created by WILDS appear very quickly on their computer or mobile device displays.

Some of the pages include many photos and may take time to download on any browser or data link.

Bison Skull Image The skull image tiling the background of this web site was digitally rendered from a centuries-old prairie bison skull found in the Assiniboine River, Manitoba by a friend.

The bison is Manitoba's provincial animal and was a source of spiritual power and essential sustenance for the Plains Indians.

North American governments nearly exterminated bison in the 1800s, causing unnecessary suffering and sublimation of first nation peoples who subsisted in harmony with bison and other wildlife.

Manitoba's endangered wilderness and wildlife is herein represented by this icon, the skull of which WILDS of Manitoba has adopted as its logo in reverence of the strength, perserverance and endurance of this mighty animal.

The stained glass window image at the left of sun / sky / birds / shield rock / lake / river / canoe on shore was created by artist, canoeist, handyman and friend Lee Paulson.

WILDS web author D R Kurt is interested in wilderness, Moving Water (whitewater) and Lake Water canoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, walking, biking, hiking, backpacking, gardening, dragon boat racing steering, teaching canoeing, dogs, mushrooming and botanizing when not webbing. So come back to find new pages on these and other topics.